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Monday 3-14-11 Non Dairy Chocolate Mousse March 14, 2011

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Well last Friday I presented at the MI Home and Garden Show and I have to tell you it was a fun event.  It wasn’t very crowded so I was able to give my cooking demo and then  mosy around the show.  I talked to many people and all it seemed were very much interested in healthy cooking.  Woo hoo for me!  I did decide to chand the name of  my tofu chocolate mousse to non dairy chocolate mousse.  No one guessed that it had tofu as the main ingredient.  I usually do not like to mix tofu and sugar together but this mousse is oh so smooth and creamy that I am making an exception.  I am giving you the recipe and hope that your family likes it as much as mine does.  But remember shhhh do not let anyone know the secret ingredient.

Non Dairy Chocolate Mousse

Serves:  6

1-12 ounce container silken tofu ( I use the mori- nu brand.  It is usually found on the shelf by the Asian food products. )

8 ounces of your best quality non dairy chocolate chips, melted  ( Trader Joe’s are non dairy. )

4-6 Tablespoons chocolate soymilk ( If you like it creamy add the 6 Tablespoons. )

1 Tablespoon vanilla

Fresh fruit or non dairy whipped topping

In a food processor puree the tofu until smooth and creamy.  Add the melted chocolate chips, 4 Tablespoons soymilk and the vanilla.  Puree until smooth and creamy.  Taste , if want a sweeter mousse add another 2 Tablespoons soymilk and puree.  Scrape into a pretty white serving bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate until cold or eat immediately.  Serve with fresh fruit or non dairy whipped topping.


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